Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ROW80 and Kreative Blogger Award

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Yes, you read that correctly, happy Wednesday :) Last week's funk is a mere memory. Since my last report, I've been cruising right along with my writing and edits. Especially the edits. Suddenly my whole apprehension and insecurity over the novel has faded. It's like I'm looking at it with new eyes. I don't know what contributed to the change but I'm appreciating the heck out of it, lol.

Also, big thanks to the amazing miss Em for the lovely Kreative Blogger award :) It's very much appreciated!

So, this week I'm hoping for more of the same and to create a huge dent in my editing goal. If not, that's okay...I'll enjoy whatever progress occurs. I know I won't hit the end result I'd orginally hoped for by the end of this ROW80 cycle, but there's always the next round of words in 80 days to help me with that :)

I hope everyone else is making their ROW80 goals. Can you believe we've only one week left? The time flew! I'll be stopping by during the week to cheer you on!



  1. Sounds as though you just needed a break in order to decompress. Happens to all of us. :-)

    Good luck the rest of the week!

  2. Glad everything is going better for you. That is rough when things jumble up. Congrats on the award. Good work on your goals, and have a great remainder of the week!

  3. Good show, Marie. Glad you're moving ahead with confidence. I think it's natural for us, as writers, to have those moments of self-doubt/apprehensions. It shows that we care if we've done a good job. It shows that we've put our heart and soul into our project, and exposed ourselves. That takes a certain bravery that can be hard to conjure! ~ Nadja

  4. Awesome to see you cruising along once more, Marie! Your site is always so cheery :)

    I truly hope that the last final days of Round 3 are great ones for you. By the way, in the end, I didn't quite make my goals either, but then, its all a learning experience and well worth the effort. Missing is not a loss if we learn and improve.

  5. Yeah, a quick recharge of the old creative battery seems to creep up on me from time to time.

    Like Gene said, I'm falling a bit short of my ideal goal too, but the important thing I think is that I'm a lot closer than when I started. And yes, there are always lessons to be learned.

    Best of luck finishing strong!

  6. Glad to hear that you've bounced back, Marie! Sometimes a day or two of downtime is what we need to get our energy back in order.

    Congrats on the blog award, and have a lovely rest of the week. :D

  7. Congrats on the blog award and good news! I have another one waiting for you on my blog - So congrats again!

  8. Thank you writer-monkey :) Well-put and I agree!

    Very much appreciated Wendy! The change of season has also been a great mood booster for me.

    You got it right Nadja - and oh how much easier things could be if I didn't put my heart and soul into it...but it's the only way I know how to write, lol. It's so wonderful to have the support of others to help along this writing path. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Wise words Gene! My goals were decided on a day where I was feeling very confident and focusing just on all the things that I wanted to accomplish - when I really should've done better planning instead. I know better what to do for the next go around :)

    Thanks Matt! I've done so much, even though some of what I accomplished was never incorporated in my goals list.

    Yay Lena :) Such a pretty name! Thanks so much for stopping by and for all the wonderful encouragement each week. It has made a world of difference!

    THANK YOU LISA!! Love the award :) Is it lickable? lol. I will be posting about the award this week - I'm very grateful. Thank you so much! :)