Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Spirit Renewed

My spirit has been renewed. Since Wednesday I've written out a rough (very rough) first draft of a steampunk short story. The idea came from a dream, and those tend to be my favorite stories to write. I think that's because I've had actual visuals to go along with the dreams. Just the fact that I'm writing again has boosted my confidence.

I also worked on edits of my novel. While I didn't quite hit the 18 pages a week goal, I have a full week ahead of me. I realize it will be slow going at times. It just feels good to be back on track.

This week I'll be stopping by other ROW80 blogs to say hi and cheer them on. I know that I've sure appreciated all the wonderful support.



  1. Congrats on the great start! I've recently been introduced to the steampunk world, and find it really fascinating. I have a feeling I would love your work.

    Best of luck with your edits!

  2. I love ideas that come from dreams. Sounds like you are off and running. Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to hearing how your short story's coming along!

  3. Thank you Nicole! I appreciate you stopping by :) Wishing you a goal busting week!

  4. Thanks so much Tia! The story is shaping up well :)