Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Madness

I find I work better with a swift kick in the butt every now and then. While I think I'm good at motivating myself, and I try to stay organized and keep lists and write down daily goals, I need that accountability motivation, too.

And my dear friend Angelina Hansen is always so pumped about #wipmadness.

So, I realize now is a good time to seek out that extra motivation.

My goals:

Wake up and write!
Continue edits on my steampunk novel
Write 1 blog article per week
Get caught up on my TBR pile
Write a review
Submit a short story

I'm looking forward to this extra boost!

To learn more about March Madness, visit Denise Jaden's blog Here



  1. Hope you're feeling extra motivated this morning. ^_^

  2. Most definitely! And I love the great energy of this group :)

  3. Excellent goals. I envy you that you can just wake up and start writing. I tried that for a solid month and it was like trying to fight cobwebs. I do better with late morning writing (sucks when you have a day job) and early evening writing (well, early enough that I still can think at the end of the day). May your motivation never run out of steam. Eww, that was a bad pun. LOL.