Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Personal Drive - SUV vs Prius

The drive to success can be powerful. It can propel one to run on a dangerous amount of fuel. I liken it a bit to an SUV. A big, mighty gas guzzler than can intimidate and bust through all types of obstacles. It's an ambitious vehicle, allowing you to hit that euphoric high as you pass through one destination after another at lightning speed, and make you feel like the king of the road.

There is another kind of drive, a calmer steady drive, where the end result of that desired success isn't any less - but the motivation is healthier. I liken it a bit to a Prius. The drive is less demanding, less rushed, and allows you time to appreciate your traveled path.

I've always been an ambitious person and waffle between the drive in an SUV and the drive in a Prius. There truly is a thrill to driving in the fast lane. Still, the Prius is more my style. When I slow down and take care of my engine, I run better. By going at a sensible speed, I'm able to arrive at my destinations refreshed.

But on the occasions when I do get caught up and decide to take that SUV out for a joyride, I remind myself that there is a price to that fuel guzzler, and ask myself is it one that I want to pay.

And speaking of cars, here's a sleek steampunk car that I wouldn't mind taking out for a spin!

And onto my brief week in review:

Since Sunday I've been coasting along on cruise control. I've edited, written, read, visited fellow ROW80ers, met my daily goals, and taken care of myself by eating well and exercising. It's been a calm ride, one where I'm able to stop and celebrate my accomplishments. I hope your week has been a good balance of productivity and personal growth. To the ROW80 crew - I'll see you on Sunday!

Marie Andrews


  1. Love that you are having a calm ride kind of week. Surely they are the best kind when you are getting everything done but not feeling frazzled by it! My ride this week has been a bit like riding a unicycle, jerking all over the place and constantly trying not to fall off!

    Hope the rest of your week is as calm and content.

  2. As much as I'm not a fan of the car... I'm a Prius guy. I'd much rather arrive at my destination safe and sound, than in a twisted hunk of smoldering metal. I will, however, admit that when the highway is wide open, I like to open 'er up a bit. I mean, there's all that empty pavement...

    What we need is a metaphorical non-gas guzzling sports car! :-)