Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Clear Skies Ahead

It's a beautiful day in this steampunk neighborhood - clear skies and a gentle breeze.

Though it has taken me many months and many tries, I've found my rhythm with my goals. I'm accomplishing what I need to each day, striking a balance, and not feeling rushed or behind. I hope it lasts!

My goals for this check in were:
1)Edit 8 pages per day - I'm averaging about 10 to 15
2)Write for minimum of 30 minutes per day - Yes! 4k since Sunday
3)Write 1 new blog article - Done
4)Stop by fellow author blogs - Done
5)Edit rough draft of short story - Done
6)Exercise 20 minutes minimum each day - I walked on Sunday. Did a workout on Monday morning. Did yoga Tuesday morning. Plan to workout every morning this week. I CAN do this!
7)Read - finished Jim Butcher's book Changes and am halfway through Hostage by Robert Crais. I love the tension in his books.
8)Get plenty of sleep - 4 hours each night since Sunday night - feels just right.

How did you do?

And it's time for some Steampunkery:

So exciting to see Emilie P. Bush's steampunk bedtime story Her Majesty's Explorer
at number one on the Amazon new release list! I used to read to my son every night for years. I miss it. He'd have loved this :)

Watched the very steampunk related movie Hugo Sunday night. Aside from a few disjointed scenes, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I'm a sucker for clockwork gears, and there were plenty to be seen. Also great homage to the magic of old movie making. Well acted by the always wonderful Christopher Lee, Ben Kingsley, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Jude Law. But the young actors Asa Butterfield and Chloe Moretz stole the show. Highly recommended!

I've been collecting tarot cards for years. I find them intriguing, each picture telling a story. So I was thrilled to learn about these upcoming steampunk tarot cards. You can read a little more about them Here

Hope everyone has a fantastic and productive week!



  1. Congrats on achieving so many of your goals!

    I really enjoyed Hugo too! The setting and costumes and background was just so wonderful!

  2. Excellent progress. I haven't seen Hugo yet, but I intend to.

  3. Excellent stride! It feels so good, doesn't it? I read to my boys most nights. We just finished a book called 'The Moon Coin' by Richard Due. It was fantastic! It had a bit of machinery and weird contraptions, creatures, worlds - plenty enough to capture my boys. It's worth checking out if your son likes to read. I'd say up to about 8th grade would like this story at least. (heck, I'm 40 and I liked it...lol). Anyway...have a great week, Marie!

  4. Here's to hitting your stride! *chink*

    So glad things are going well but intrigued you do so much with only four hours sleep a night? Do you struggle to sleep or do you only need that much?

    Thank you so much for all your loveliness over the last couple of weeks. I am hoping to throw myself back in for the last two and a bit weeks! Have a great rest of your week :)

  5. Cheers! Sounds like your doing a wonderful job! Love the steampunk themed everything! I'm working on a steampunk novel and having some difficulty with the verbiage... guess I'll just have to immerse myself more fully! Good job, see you next week!

  6. Thanks Spaciireth! When the movie started with the clockwork gears I just knew I was going to love it :) What a way to start!

    Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit on the blog - have a great week!

  7. Thank you myrandommuse! Revisions are going to start slowing down a bit, but that's okay. I hope you're having a fab week!

  8. Thanks Nadja! The Moon Coin sounds awesome - most of my favorite books are for the younger crowd. I'll have to add that to my TBB pile.

  9. Yay Em!!! Thanks for your support, luv.

    4 - 5 hours seems to be the right amount where I don't wake up groggy and can start out writing. When I go over that on a weekday, I tend to lose hours because I've slept too much and I'm all tired and fuzzy-brained.

    So glad to hear you're getting back into the groove! I've missed you hon *hugs*

  10. Thanks writersblockgame - oh yes, it can be tricky - definitely read and read and read steampunk novels. Totally gets you in the right headspace - and good luck with that novel!!

  11. Wow, you are really getting down the words!! That's impressive and inspiring progress. Good luck in the final two weeks!