Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Farewell Round One - Onto the Next One

Farewell Round 1 - it has been an interesting ride.

Though the weather has been all over the place - storms, hail, thunder, lightning, hail, blinding sunshine, the course has been without the usual bumps. I leave Round 1 of ROW80 humbled and excited for the next round. I've done ROW80 a couple of times now and I waffled most weeks.

But I've always taken something away, a process or new shiny idea on how to better my time, strengthen my skills, improve my weaknesses, and also how to lick my wounds and get back on that iron horse. My dedication and resolve is too strong to allow setbacks to hinder me for long. As a lifelong student, it's okay if I don't get it right the first time - it's learning - I'm supposed to learn. And if I don't learn what isn't working, I can't fix it.

Anyhow, I always grieve a little at the end of something, but I've so many things to be grateful for so, maybe that will come later.

Thank you for all the wonderful support and budding friendships. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. And thank you for reminding me that I'm not alone.

So onto the final progress report:

My goals this round:
1)Edit 8 pages per day - I've managed to be consistent here :)
2)Write for minimum of 30 minutes per day - Yes, even though it means starting many different stories. I need to get ideas out of my head and onto paper so I can keep focused on edits.
3)Write 1 new blog article - I'd like to bump this up to more activity. Ah, a new challenge for Round 2!
4)Stop by fellow author blogs - I've enjoyed this - I love to motivate others :)
5)Exercise 20 minutes minimum each day - I could improve here, and expect I will once the gloomy mornings are gone.
6)Get decent sleep - 4 to 5 hours is my prime sleeping amount. More than that and my brain takes longer to switch on. I find myself more alert and awake and creative with the shorter sleep. Less than 4 is unhealthy - not going there :)
7)Read - Oh my goodness yes! I've read so many good books, and have a huge TBR pile going on in my office. I don't know why I stopped making time to read before, but now that it's a priority, I'm so happy - it really keeps me balanced. I'm starting Incarceron on Friday - so can't wait!!

I look forward to creating Round 2 goals and seeing how I do. I'll also look forward to seeing everyone again :) Go team #ROW80!

And time to leave you with a couple bits of steampunkery coolness:

Yes, I'd happily sit here to create! Check out this swiveling desk laboratory. At the link you'll find many more pictures.

Beautiful clockwork by Aris Kafantaris

I look forward to seeing everyone in Round 2!

To find out all about ROW80, please click Here

Until next time,


  1. You had a great round, Marie! Good luck on figuring out which of those stories to focus on, and I can't believe you can function well on 4-5 hours of sleep. Lucky!

    Stacy (

  2. Awesome job this round, Marie! Sure, the end is a bittersweet moment - but, it is followed by the fresh bouquet of new opportunities and a clean slate. Peace :)

  3. Great job on your goals this round and can't wait to see what's in store for round 2!

  4. hi marie - that photo is gorgeous! looks like you had a pretty good run this round. congrats on all your revising and writing, and we can all improve on exercising, but so be it :)

  5. Just don't lick the iron horse. Unless you like that rusty look. Which, you know, steampunk!

    See you in round 2. :-)

  6. Always love the steampunk bits :) It may be sad that ROW80 is over for now, but at least it will be back pretty soon. Good work on the writing goals and hope to see you again next round.