Friday, July 22, 2011

Full Steam Ahead on the Creative Front

This has been a very busy writing week, and I say that with a smile :) What have I been up to?

- cruising along with edits of my steampunk mystery novel
- 10,000 words into my steampunk zombie novel
- slowly working on edits of my steampunk novella
- 1500 words into a steampunk horror short story

Good productivity all week, though I may have too much on the go. Not sure. I hate to question things when the creativity is going full force. I'd rather be writing than not.

How is your week going?



  1. Hi, Marie. I wouldn't question that kind of productivity either. Well done, you!
    I'm currently waiting for the edits on my second novel to arrive. I should be working on book three, but I'm still evaluating where I am with this "other" career of mine. Lol!
    I have an 11 hour day-job, and also write articles for a local on-line magazine. All of this, plus the never ending feeding of the networking machine keeps me pretty busy!

    Thanks for asking and good luck to you with your WIP's.


  2. Thanks so much Jimmy! I hope the next edits of your novel have arrived :) It is tough to juggle everything and takes finding a method that works. I'm still working on the right one, lol. Seems to change week to week.
    Thanks for stopping by! Hope your WIP is going well :)