Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Great Oregon Steam-Up Part 2 and ROW80 Check-In

As promised, I will be posting more pictures from the Great Oregon Steam-Up that I attended over the weekend. Please see yesterday's post for Part One.

There was quite a turnout on Saturday in Salem, Oregon despite the heat. Hubby and I got a good workout thanks to the sheer size of Antique Powerland. There were so many fascinating things to see.

Below are some pictures of the small-scale steam machines and equipment that were there.

And a steam powered ice cream maker:

Along with the steam machines, they also showcased antique cars and trucks, an authentic trolley, and a super cool 1930's service station:

And a favorite - we got to see Blacksmiths in action:

At the end they had a parade. Here are a few more of the larger steam vehicles:

It really was a lot of fun! If you missed it, you can still check it out this coming Saturday and Sunday. For more information, go Here. Tomorrow will be my third and final day of posting about the Great Oregon Steam-Up - hope you will stop by!

Also, it being Wednesday, it's time for my mid-week check in for ROW80, otherwise known as A Round of Words in 80 Days. For more information on ROW80, be sure to click Here

Since I didn't do a lick of work over the weekend(and I don't feel guilty about it either), I can only account for Monday and Tuesday, where I did hit my goals. I edited 6 pages of my novel and a few pages of my novella. I am doing a final polish on my steampunk horror short story, and am still adding words to my steampunk zombie novel.

And despite all the internal dialogue that happens in the morning right before I workout, I did indeed workout both days. I really do wish I'd wake up all pumped and motivated to exercise, but I don't. Still...I acknowledge it's good for me and it's why I do it.

I'll be checking in with ROW80ers during the week to catch up on their progress reports :)



  1. Cool pictures. And you shouldn't feel guilty about not working over the weekend. ;-) Good job making the goals once you came back to it!

  2. Well done on the writing and editing. A weekend of is good for the soul! Also well done for the exercise, I am still trying to work it in. Enjoy the rest of our week!

  3. Love all the steampunkiness on your site and blog. Really feels like the genre. It sounds like you had fun in Salem, and you're hitting your ROW80 goals. That's great. Keep it going, and good luck in August.

  4. Thanks Angela :) I really do try to fit in at least 30 minutes of writing each day, even on the weekends, but yeah, it's good to have fun once in awhile, lol. :)

  5. Thank you Em :) You know what, it was good for the soul to stay unplugged over the weekend. I will have to do it again sometime, lol. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  6. Thank you so much Kerry! It was a blast to go to and I really appreciated how dedicated people there are to keeping the steam machines going.

  7. Congrats on getting some editing done and sticking to your work out and for enjoying the weekend. Can't write all the time. Enjoy the week.

  8. Thanks Katy, and I agree - a little time off is a good thing. Sometimes I just find it difficult to give myself permission to do that, lol.
    :) Have a wonderful week!

  9. Cool pictures! A little time off is good for the soul and think all of all the ideas you obtained from the steam up. Good job keeping up with the workout.

  10. Thanks so much Robin :) Inspiration is always good. Have a great rest of your week!

  11. Good job on the workouts--does anyone wake up pumped to exercise??

    Salem steam looks fun, and hey, it's research!

  12. Oh yum, real life steampunk :-) Thanks for sharing the photos!

  13. Thanks for stopping by Deniz! Yes - real steampunk - I was so impressed to see all the wonderful machines they had on display :)