Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Progress Report

*Waving to all my fellow ROW80'ers*

Since Wednesday I've just about completed edits of a steampunk short story that I plan to submit soon. I've also been busy commenting on fellow ROW80 participants' blogs. And well...unfortunately the edits of the novel are slow-going. I'm finding a challenge in wishing I could remember how I'd worded things from the first set of edits that are no more. I have a feeling that once I get beyond that, the edits will flow smoother. But until then, I don't know how well they will go. I have the best of intentions when I open the file and start to edit, but within minutes the frustration begins.

Fortunately I have many backup systems in place so the complex of losing everything again isn't there. But what I wouldn't give for those edits to magically appear.

All I can really do is look forward. Somedays that sounds easier than others.

I am also enjoying work on the sequel to my short story Iron Butterfly. It gives me comfort when I'm grumbling about the edits. :)

So in short - I've kept busy and accomplished most of what I wanted.

The rest will work itself out, though not as quickly as I'm comfortable with.

I'll be sure to stop by and comment this week.



  1. Hey! Hold onto the "kept busy and accomplished most of what I wanted"... excellent work.

    And yes, indeed, the rest WILL be sure to work itself out!

    I am grateful to find you via ROW80 this week. For some reason the word "steampunk" seems to be haunting me.


  2. It is such a loss to lose your precious words and I hope you find the editing process becomes more pleasant soon.

    Have a great week!